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After many seasons of use and exposure to the Arizona sun, your backyard swimming pool will begin to show signs of age. Cracks, stains, and fading make it look tired and less inviting. The swimming pool resurfacing experts at Victory Contracting, LLC will transform your pool, giving it a smooth, bright appearance.

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Your Aging Pool May Be Wasting Water

Cracks, chips, and stains are not just unsightly, but they are signs your pool surface is breaking down. As the structure starts to weaken, water can escape, soaking into the ground below. Wasted water is an expensive proposition in the Phoenix area!

Additionally, an aging pool is less enjoyable. The pool surface becomes rough and scratchy. Hard water stains make the whole thing look dingy.

Thankfully, Victory Contracting, LLC has the solution with our pool plastering and resurfacing services. We can preserve your current look or take your swimming pool in a new, brighter direction. You will love the results and enjoy many more seasons of backyard fun.

Is It Time for a Swimming Pool Remodeling Project?

You may be used to the imperfections of your older pool, but your guests are sure to take notice. Here are some signs that it is time to consider swimming pool resurfacing at your home.

Chips and Cracks

The first few signs of an aging pool surface are often small chips, flakes, and hairline cracks.

Structural Cracks

As the surface weakens, more substantial cracks will appear and allow water to seep out of the pool.

Water Loss

You will start to notice your pool needs more frequent filling as the amount leaking out increases.

Rust Stains

Yellow and orange rust stains on your pool walls are unsightly, especially on white plaster pools.

Rough Surface

What was once a smooth surface begins to feel like sandpaper, making your pool less enjoyable.

Tired Look

A pool renovation is an excellent way to refresh and renew the appearance of your backyard.

Experienced Swimming Pool Plastering Services

The Victory Contracting, LLC team is a licensed, bonded, and insured pool replastering company operating under ROC # 321316. Our accreditation by the Better Business Bureau demonstrates our commitment to quality workmanship and great customer service.

Victory Contracting Labor Warranty

We take pride in our work, so we offer a two-year labor warranty on all our projects. Any issues caused by our workmanship during that time are our responsibility. Our company warranty is in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, which varies by material.

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Phoenix’s Top Concrete Resurfacing Contractor

We are grateful to our customers who have taken the time to share positive reviews of our work, and we are pleased and proud of the great results.

Nanette LaBrose
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Victory Contracting refinished our pool. The price was right, the workers were extremely hard workers, polite, and knew their craft, and cleaned up afterwards. We gave Cruz a short timeline because we were having out of town relatives. Not only did he meet that time but the job was completed ahead of schedule. I would highly recommend Victory Contracting.
Scott Danboise
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Cruz and his crew did an amazing job transforming our 40 year old deck. The 2,300 sq ft deck had numerous finishes and paints on it. They ground it down to a good base and applied a lace cool deck finish with an acrylic paint. We love it. Also added a nonslip material. The work was very difficult to keep contained. They used vacuums and were very careful. There were a few little issues of course. But with what we started with and what we ended up with, BRAVO.....
Chloe Dgz
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I’d just like to commend this company for their amazing customer service. Their staff is very friendly and helpful whenever I call or email. And they go to great lengths to provide an amazing service, while still taking very good care of their customers like me. I wish there were more companies like them that provide awesome value and superb customer service. Kudos!
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Phoenix’s Choice for Swimming Pool Resurfacing

Are you tired of looking at a pool surface that is stained, cracked, and dull? Let our team give it a new look so you can cool off in style in the hottest weather. From basic resurfacing to a full remodeling project, contact us today to set up a consultation.

Do You Have Questions About Pool Interior Resurfacing?

A pool resurfacing project is a serious undertaking, and you need up-to-date information about the process. Here are a few answers to some frequent questions.

In a full resurfacing project, we remove the degraded old surface and clean the underlying concrete. Then, we carefully apply the new plaster, allowing it to dry completely before painting or refilling your pool.

With the right weather conditions, pool replastering takes our team 5-7 days. This timeline includes stages where components must dry or cure over time.

Most pool surfaces will last about 15 years, though an improper pH level can shorten that lifetime. Given the hardness of Phoenix water, staining is often the first sign of age.

Our team has the skills to completely transform your entire swimming pool and deck area. Contact us if you are looking to do a full remodel of your pool.

Many of our clients choose to replaster their swimming pools in the cooler months so that their swimming area is ready for the hot summer.

Pool equipment lasts the longest when it has the right chemical balance in the water. Make sure to regularly check your water for improper pH and other issues.

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